Friday, April 15, 2011

Again, another tenant kicked out

When oh when are we going to get good tenant that pays their bills and rent every month. We have given the tenant notice to move out from my apartment by end of this month if they still fail to pay the full amount of the outstanding electricity bill of RM1k and the monthly rental. Thank God we cut their electric supply last month, if not we will surely have to come out our own money to pay the electricity bill again like previous tenant.

We went to the apartment yesterday to check it out coz the tenant did not reply our sms when we told them to move out. No one was in the apartment but they are still staying there coz all their belongings are still there but the place was in a mess. I think they live along side with the rats and cockroaches! I think people who live in the streets have cleaner place to lay their head.

We are praying for a good tenant next.

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