Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A New Brother Printer for Internet Cafe

After using the HP Business printer for a few years, it started giving us problems. When contacted the supplier, he insisted that his product is of good quality and it can't be giving us so much problem. Hubby didn't want to debate much with him because the supplier felt offended when we told him about the product defect. So we send the printer to a local HP supplier to get it fix.

While waiting for the printer to be fixed, hubby bought a new Brother printer; no printer, no printing, no sales! I can't remember which model he bought but it is one of the Brother printers that come with scanner.

Unfortunately, the model can't print of photo paper. :( We should have gotten the Brother laser printer but then the printing cost would be higher. Oh well, it is ok since we do not have many customer that wants to print on photo paper.