Wednesday, December 03, 2014

11 years old Guitar

Thanks to my SIL, I got a set of new guitar string for free! I even have a guitar tuner now for RM31 only. SIL was trying to tune my guitar and the last string snaps and from there we realised that all the string has rusted. I bought the guitar when my eldest daughter is 1 month old and now she is 11.5 years old! The guitar is more than 11 years old. Hmmm...time to click Send for our free catalog. Time to get a brand new guitar too! hahaha

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mystery Shopper: I Got Paid!

PTL! I got paid within 2 days after I submitted my claims. The Mystery Shopper company is very efficient. I hope I'll get more mystery shopper job from them soon. :) So, what did I do with the payment? Well, the first thing that I did was change my car tyres and did alignment. I can drive faster now! :P I treat my kids and I treat my parent to a meal and bought some beef for the family.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Custom Birthday Ring

I am bad at buying birthday present especially for working adult. Those gift that I can afford to buy for them, they already have it. Maybe buy for them one of those custom masonic rings? Something special, something different and more personalized. But will they wear it? I often ended up buying them a meal and spending my precious time with them. To me, that's the best birthday gift that anyone could give or receive; TIME. :)

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Mystery Shopper

I just completed another mystery shopper job. This one is bigger and more challenging. I visited 41 outlets all over my hometown. I handed-out cash to the winner of this mystery shopper project. It was tiring but I am glad I took it up. At least, now I know the roads in my hometown better. Most of the shop owners are friendly. They have to right coz they are in the service industry. But I met one mean and bad-tempered owner that made me cried! That was an experienced. I hope I will get more mystery shopper job in the future. I need the extra income to cater to my growing 6 children! :D

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Where to Buy Acoustic Guitar

My 11yo niece has started learning the guitar. Her dad asked me where he could buy the acoustic guitar. I should have ask him to Order online here. Will give him the link to this post. Anyway, I tried teaching my own 11, 10 and 8yo how to play the guitar since their cousin is already learning. You know, peer pressure. Unfortunately, they can't bear the pain while holding down the chords with their lil fingers. My fingers hurt too. No longer "seasoned" coz I have not been playing the guitar for years!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Surprise from Above

In a month time, I was surprised 3 times by God through His beloved people. I received what I needed, I received what I lost, I received what I secretly desire for and I received what I have been asking for! Through people that are not blood related to me. Through people I got to know online. Through people whom I hardly know personally. And yet, God used them to bless my family and I. I pray that God will continue to bless them abundantly physically, mentality, emotionally and financially. To God Be The Glory.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Musician in the Family

Hubby and I always hope that we can raise a musician in our family because both hubby and I can't play any musical instrument. Our parents can't even afford to buy us a guitar when we were growing up. So, we sent both our older girls for piano class. Unfortunately,they can't clique with the piano teacher and stopped learning after more than a year. We still have not gone to look for other piano teacher yet. Maybe, we wait till they are a lil bit older than we resume again.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Experience of a Mystery Shopper

Yesterday was my first time being a Mystery Shopper. I put on my Sunday's best minus accessories, jewelry and make-up. Putting those on are just not me. My usual self when shopping would be t-shirt and jeans. Sad to say, I did not look rich enough (my hubby said that) to be entertained by the staff in one of the outlets that I went. It is either I failed being a Mystery Shopper or they failed in entertaining any type of customer, whether looking rich or not. Anyway, their most expensive product is only RM2k++. I can pay cash for it if I want too but but them I do not look that I can afford them. *sigh* I failed them!, they failed themselves! hahaha.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


I have 6 children and all of them are born in different month. I have January, March, April, May, June and December babies. Out of curiosity, I googled their birthstones.
So, if I were to make mother necklaces for myself, I would have a Garnet, Aquamarine, Crystal, Emerald, Alexandrite and Blue Zircon. Oh ya! And a Topaz for myself. Very colourful indeed. :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Car Air-Cond Gas Refill

Yesterday I sent my car to refill its air-cond gas because the air that comes out from the air-cond was only hot air. It cost me RM30 per refill. I was advise to leave the car there for thorough inspection because according to the mechanic, an empty air-cond gas tank means there is leakage. However, I can't leave my car there because they need a few hours to check and repair. I told him to just refill it and I'll come again during my off day. Today, the moment I switch on the air-cond, I smell chemical odour and the air-cond is hot! OMG! The leakage must be big. :( No choice but to admit my car to the workshop for repair but I have to find a car for me to use to work first. Youngest sister offered her on Monday. Meantime, driving without an air-cond. Praying that it won't rain when I am driving on the road.