Thursday, May 22, 2014


I have 6 children and all of them are born in different month. I have January, March, April, May, June and December babies. Out of curiosity, I googled their birthstones.
So, if I were to make mother necklaces for myself, I would have a Garnet, Aquamarine, Crystal, Emerald, Alexandrite and Blue Zircon. Oh ya! And a Topaz for myself. Very colourful indeed. :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Car Air-Cond Gas Refill

Yesterday I sent my car to refill its air-cond gas because the air that comes out from the air-cond was only hot air. It cost me RM30 per refill. I was advise to leave the car there for thorough inspection because according to the mechanic, an empty air-cond gas tank means there is leakage. However, I can't leave my car there because they need a few hours to check and repair. I told him to just refill it and I'll come again during my off day. Today, the moment I switch on the air-cond, I smell chemical odour and the air-cond is hot! OMG! The leakage must be big. :( No choice but to admit my car to the workshop for repair but I have to find a car for me to use to work first. Youngest sister offered her on Monday. Meantime, driving without an air-cond. Praying that it won't rain when I am driving on the road.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Automatic Car Cannot Start. What to do?

When I was driving a manual car, if the car cannot start, we can jump jump start it by pushing the car then go into gear 2. Unfortunately, the same cannot be applied to an auto car. That was what happened to my Daihatsu Ascend 2 days after it came out of the workshop. We have to call the same mechanic to repair it and it cost us another RM150 to change the electronic/electrical part that is related to the ignition. Then later I discovered that my car alarm is not working anymore! We have to drive to the mechanic shop again the next day and the mechanic's assistant found that the alarm wire was disconnected. It was free of charge as the boss was not around. I do not trust this kind of mechanic. It happened to us often. Send for a repair, came home to more repairs to be done. I wonder whether the mechanic purposely spoil some parts so that they can get more business. :(

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Daihatsu Ascend Drive Shaft

Money in, money out. I sent my Daihatsu Ascend for repair last Friday and it cost me RM699 to change the drive shaft! And the thing is, the mechanic can't find a new drive shaft for my car. The drive shaft came from a used spare part shop. Mechanic told me that my car is an imported car and the model has stopped production so can't find a new drive shaft. Another shocking new was, the drive shaft is under warranty for only 2 weeks. If after 2 weeks, I find faulty in it, I have to spend another RM699 to change to another used drive shaft. :(

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Loan for Business

The fish are coming in but my net is not big enough to catch them. I need to get a bigger net or else, I'll lose the fish to other fisherman. But I do not have money now to buy a bigger net. I can wait a month or two to save from my income but in a month or two, someone else could have catch those fish. So, I resorted to borrowing from my dad. With his money, I am able to purchase 5 more used computers which is good enough for gaming. can't afford to buy new computers yet but the day will come when it can be done. :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

His Blessing Overflows

Hubby prays for me every day before he leaves for work. One of his prayers is that God will bless the works of my hand. I believe. And His blessing is overflowing in my business. Almost every day I do not have enough gaming computers for my customers. I see more new faces. Sales has doubled up but I still do not have enough cash to add in more gaming computers. We are considering whether or not to borrow from my dad again.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tools To Keep

The tools in my house are all kept in a cupboard where everything is chuck in there. To find a tool could mean taking everything out! I need to find 48" Draw slides so that I could arrange the tools neatly on another shelf which I can find any tool that I need to use easily. Then slide in back in so that everything is neat and tidy. No more screaming where did you put the saw? Where is the hammer? etc. Being a SAHM, tools come in handy when hubby is not around during the day if anything need fixing.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Computers for Blackshot

Praise God for His blessing, we are able to invest in 5 more used but with higher spec computers which Blackshot can be played on it. Since the boys know that my cc have Blackshot, more has been coming every day. And 5 computers aren't enough so we tried installing graphic card to 4 more computers and it works, Blackshot can be played on them. Now we have 9 computers with Blackshot. Even that, it is still not enough. Praying that God will continue to bless us and we will have the means to add more higher spec computers.

Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year Spring Cleaning

New Year is here and Chinese New Year is at the end of this month. I started a mini spring cleaning last week. Minimizing the amount of stuff in the store cum toy room. The room has always been neat and tidy until my youngest BIL did some spring cleaning in the dining hall and dumb everything into the storeroom. Yes, like really dumb...not arranging them neatly. Everything was all over the place and being stepped on when one need to look for their stuff. I did a lot of throwing. Most of them are toys which were given to my kids which have already broken. There were some hardware tool which we can't use because hubby was not around when I bought these. Wrong size! Anyway, the storeroom looks more pleasing to the eyes now and we found a few of our "lost" items.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Low Sales in December

In a cyber cafe business, we do not look forward for school holidays. Most people thought that we will have lots of gamers during the school holiday but they are wrong. During school holidays, they do not have pocket money for them to spend and also no homework or assignments to print. There goes our sales. Unfortunately, December is also a month where we spend a lot. Birthdays, family vacation, Christmas and back to school preparation. As of today, we are totally broke. Looking forward to next year for more blessings from Above. :)