Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Apartment near MMU for Rent

My apartment is up for rent again. This time, we are going to rent it empty if possible. Of course the rental will be lower too. We are busy people you see and we have no time to go through the hassle of checking the electrical appliances when the tenant complaint that they are not working.

We also learned that we can have a change of tenancy when it comes to the electricity bill. Meaning we can change the name on the bill to the tenant's and when they did not pay their bill, TNB will go look after them, not us. I wonder whether that applies to foreigners.

There's 10 more days to go. Meantime, I wanna check out the siegel tradeshow booths. Need to find ways to promote hubby's business.


sara said...

hello, is ur apartment still available?
hw much is the rental?
im finding an apartment to rent rite nw...
btw, i'm mmu student... =)

Michelle said...

hi sara, the apt is still available. my tenant is moving out end of this month. pls call us at 0122544606 to discuss bout the rental. :)