Saturday, May 09, 2009

How Much is TP-Link External ADSL 2 + Router

Last week, our TP-Link modem got struck by lightning. Unsure whether we can send it for repair because it is still under warranty, hubby bought a new modem, the same one; TP-Link External ADSL 2 + Router for RM70 a unit.

Later we discover that our Wireless Router is not working too!

However hubby was not able to set the TP-Link External ADSL 2 + Router to automatically dial-up to Streamyx and we sent it back to the computer shop to get their technician to help do the setting.

We brought along the lightning struck TP-Link Modem and also the Wireless Router and to our surprise, the Sales Manager suggested to send it for repair and claim the warranty. =D

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