Thursday, May 14, 2009

RM15 for Ambiance

We had a wonderful time eating at Seoul Garden 2 days ago. Ok lar, I am exaggerating a lil bit. :P It was a special day so I picked a restaurant that is above average that comes with ambiance. We paid RM15 per person for the ambiance.

Well, the price of the ambiance was not stated in our bill but if we were to dine at Carry-On, we will be paying less RM15 per person for a BBQ Steamboat.

For RM15...

1. We got a bigger table.
2. Less crowded restaurant.
3. Less noise.
4. Cleaner floor and wall.
5. Our hair did not smell of BBQ smoke.
6. They have ice-cream and ABC.
7. More choices of dipping sauce.

Anyway, it is only once in a year we celebrate wedding anniversary and I have a newborn with me. I needed the space for my stroller and the privacy to breastfeed. A clean place is a must too.

Dear, you should thank me for not picking Holiday Inn. Sure a big hole in your pocket. :P

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