Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Buffet Dinner is RM70++

My wedding anniversary is approaching and as usual the choice of fine dining and places to go is mine. Hubby, surprise me sometimes lar. :P

So I was thinking that since I have to eat a lot now (I just discovered that the more I eat the more breastmilk I have. I want that so that my baby will be well fed.), let's go for buffet dinner. It will be value for money.

After asking a guy who loves eating, he recommended EQ or Holiday Inn. So I went to check their buffet dinner price. If I am not mistaken, I saw RM70++ for a buffet dinner in EQ! My eyes almost pop out; since when they added RM20 to it?

So I told hubby on Gmail chat. "KENSEL." (cancel). His replied, "LOL."

My budget for both of us is only RM100. Call me cheapskate but we don't have the luxury to spend so much for a dinner that we will poop out the next day. :P

Btw, I can't simply makan (eat) any food coz I am still in confinement. No unclean food. Don't think I can take beef either. :(

So now, where can we go?

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