Monday, March 23, 2009

Hubby's Tenant Left with More than RM1k of Utility Bills

Dah lar this month gua very tight financially. Baby is coming real soon = more money needed. Hubby's tenant breached the tenancy agreement and left the apt after only 4 months staying there. That is not a big issue. The problem now is, they left with 3 months of unpaid utility bills that came up to more than RM1k; electricity RM700++, water RM200++ and Streamyx RM300++. That is the amount that we need to pay NOW. For the rest of the year, we need to pay RM110 for the Streamyx package that they subscribed because the package is for a minimum of 1 year!

I wonder why TNB did not cut the power supply at hubby's apartment after a month of late payment. They did this to my apartment though. Grrrrr...if they do their work efficiently, we won't have to bear so much lost.

When asked to pay for all these, he (only one out of 3 tenants came to see us) just told us that he has no money. That's it. He told us the other 2 refused to pay their portion; he can't do much about it. You tell me, what can we do? The deposit with us is not enough to cover for all these.

Make police report? Take legal action? Do you think the law can help arh? They are foreign student.

I gave up. I told hubby to put both of our apartments for sale. No property also nevermind. No worries and no unnecessary extra expenses since we hardly have extra to spend.


Big Pumpkin said...

Haizzz......this is very common nowadays. we too got our old hse thrashed when we rented it out. seemed like a great Malay family but towards the end, they said they were in trouble & couldnt afford rent. so we allowed rental delay for a few months (hubby agreed behind my back, I would have sensed something was up straight away!) and then suddenly, they just took off la! after not paying 3 months rent, leaving a huge amount of bills AND they just HAD 2 thrash the house! like break the sinks & toilet bowls, destroy the fridge, destroy my piano, break cupboards and windows, doors, even window blinds. we had done nothing to them I dont know why they were so crazy. maybe they had some internal fights, who knows.....but ever since then, we swore never to rent again & sold the house at a loss.

msaufong said...

I hate to deal with tenant now. Too troublesome lah... Have to worry they no pay rental & utilities. Lagi have to worry they do not want to move out after owing so many months of rental. siao