Friday, March 21, 2008

Punching Bag

Will you spend money on expensive exercise equipments? We almost did!

Many months ago, I was eyeing a treadmill and hubby, a punching bad together with its stand. However I put the treadmill aside to get a laptop first.

Hubby still wants the punching bag. I sort of delayed him and just recently he found a punching bag at Cowboy Wholesale Mart. It is only RM50 compared to the one that we saw at the exercise equipment shop; almost 1k. We do not need the stand coz we have trees to hang the punch bag.

So now, the punching bag is hanging on our durian tree and we save more than RM900!

The treadmill? Well, I guess I will just get a good pair of running shoe and jog at the beach. ;)

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