Friday, March 21, 2008

Go To Bed With Alli

Do you want to continue eating junk food and fast food and yet still have a slim body? I say "slim" arh, not "healthy". Then you might wanna try popping in the Alli diet pill.

Alli contains a drug called “Orlistat.” This drug absorbs the fat from foods you eat every day, from fast food to ice cream.

However, if you already eat healthy, Alli will block your healthy fats such as omega-fatty-acids and Vitamin D. Btw, if you eat healthy, I don't think you would have weight problem.

But if you don’t eat healthy, you’ll pop a steak and feel just fine because you swallowed some Alli.

So, are you going to bed with Alli tonight??? hahahahaha. :P

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