Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No Room Key

Before hubby decided to close his Internet Café business on Sunday, we go to church in separate cars so that he can straight away drive to his shop and start the business right after the church services.

On one particular Sunday, we exchanged cars and I forgotten to take the room key from my car. You see, I placed my room keys together with my car keys but not hubby. I don’t know where he kept his set of keys. So I happily drive home with my children without the room key on that day.

Once we arrived home we couldn’t get into our room. I tried opening it with the phone cards, McDonald card and even my expired credit card but to no avail. I am no burglar. :P I have no choice but to drive all the way back to the shop because my children needs their milk before napping that afternoon. It was another half an hour drives with eyes half open. You see, I was very sleepy too.

After that day, we head to Basad Inc to make a few more spare keys and place them at a few places. Just in case we forget again.

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