Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Where is Blogi Offer?

Everyday since two Sundays ago, I have been waiting for Blogi but no offers pops up. What happened??? Has all the advertiser ran away from Blogi coz most of us write craps??? hahahaha Wei, we write good craps okay using good English! :P

Then someone told me to read the latest post in their blog. This is what I got:

Offers continue to be issued to bloggers based upon availability at the time you login and the relative rankings your posts have received. We do not manually issue offers and cannot control how many offers you see, so please do not ask us to "send" you offers -- besides the issue of fairness, we simply don't have a way to do it. If you aren't seeing offers and you know you've written good posts, try varying the times you login. Additionally, please remember many of our campaigns repeat, and you will not see them if you have accepted/rejected an offer for the client in the last month.

So I think I have sapu-ed most of the offer last and this month so, no more for me until next month. :(

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