Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Holiday Premiums

You can’t afford NOT to recognize your employees – A little recognition goes a long way…a lack of recognition can wreak havoc on your company’s success! Your employees are the heart and soul of your company. It is important to show them how much you care about their productivity and efforts. You can always offer cash rewards, but there isn’t any lingering effect, plus some employees may come to expect a routine cash incentive. Travel Incentives have a long shelf-life and are typically more cost effective than cash!

I got the above excerpt from I wish I have the guts to email the above to my boss. Either he knows nothing about the above or he just is ignorance about it as to save cost. I think it partly because we are not the demanding type of employee or we are just too timid.

We made a joke out of this. The Storekeeper came to the office when boss was not around telling me to ask boss to book a day trip to Genting for all of us. I told him that the day he agrees to it will be the End of The World. So I asked him, which one he will choose, The Trip or The End of The World. We LOL. :D

Actually boss did not realize it that by spending just a little sum, it can help increase our motivation to work thus increasing our productivity. He does not even have to shut down the company in order to send us for a holiday trip. He could just by holiday vouchers like below.

You see, it is quite cheaper right, only $100 per employee and there are only 18 of us in the company. Only $1800! Less than my one month salary! Sometimes I feel like buying the voucher myself and give it to the poor worker in my company and tell them it is from the boss. I am sure they will feel appreciated and recognized. Unfortunately, I am just an employee working to make ends meet.

If you are a good employer, especially if you are living in US, do consider getting the above premiums from Holiday Travel of America. Their price is very affordable or should I say cheap. Their premiums have been utilized as corporate incentives as well as client generation and closing tools. They pride themselves with top notch customer service, assuring you will always reach a “live” operator when contacting Holiday Travel of America and not sent to the voice mail “blackhole”.

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