Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Took Off My Clothes

This lady kept bugging me to take off my clothes!
chooi peng says: miche
chooi peng says: when you want to take off your cloth to show us?
chooi peng says: sei la, i have no mood to blog la
chooi peng says: u better take off ur cloth now to awake me!!!

Since I cannot stand her bugging anymore and since Sean tagged me quite a while about this. Yes, this young man wants to see my clothes off too! Hamsap. :P

What's so difficult taking off ones clothes right? Nah...my clothes. :P

Sorry, no panty unless u wanna see my bleeding sanitary pad stuck to it. LOL.

This is my office attire. Very casual huh? And that's the bed I lie down and nap when I am bored without blogging long long time ago. Of course when boss not around lar.

That is also the bed that I sat on while expressing my milk when I was still breastfeeding. :)

I shall pass this tag to Chooi Peng, SYH, Jess and Chin Nee. :)


Jesslyn said...

easy la...i can do this too...simply take out any suit will do! LOL

SYH said...

Cheh...mana sexy ah? I show you my sexy bra tonight lah...

chooi peng said...

how come ur office got bed??

chinnee said...

hah???Miche, do i have to really do this? My hb will pengsan !!

Debbie Y said...

hahaha....can't imagine how sexy you are!!!

Mummy to QiQi said...

done here, but nothing to see, hehe...http://chinneeq.blogspot.com/2007/11/dare-not-take-off-my-clothes.html