Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Securing my laptop

I have bought a brand new laptop and I am very happy with it. It would be for my personal usage and not to be shared with other people. Reason being that I would put in a lot of my personal data, photos and journal thoughts in that laptop. In the past, most of my personal stuffs are stored in a few computers that are also accessible by others. My office computer is not exclusively used by me as my colleagues can also use it for their work. That is why I opted to buy a laptop for my own usage only.

One thing that I am quite worried about storing all my personal stuffs in the laptop is regarding security. It is estimated that no less than 1 in 10 laptops will be stolen during its lifetimes. I know that some of the programs do have internal password security features but not for my photos and journals. I was told to look for Data Encryption Software as it is the most secured way to protect all the data in my laptop.

I found one data encryption software called Alertsec Xpress at For a minimal fee every month all my data in my laptop would be fully secured. I can try it for free for a month and if I am happy with it I can subscribed to that service and have less worry about my data in the laptop if it is stolen. Check it out if you too are concerned about data security.

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