Monday, October 29, 2007

Enjoy Your Paid Post Income

Jess always tells me what's the point of earning so much money if we do not know how to enjoy it. She is saving her paid post income a Europe tour soon. That’s a lot of money. I think as for me, Hawaiian Vacation Kailua is good enough for me. Furthermore, my husband doesn’t like cold places. He prefers the beach and mountains; hot places.

From the Kauai Travel Blog, there are also many activities to do on Kauai. Since we do not know how to surf. We can always go for kayaking at the Na Pali Coast, then snorkeling off the north shore, the hiking up their beautiful breathtaking mountains and end the way with a good massage by the beach. Then spend the rest of the day relaxing in one of Kauai Vacation Rentals beach from property. Just perfect right? Now I have to work harder to blog since all my savings has been used to pay some of our business loan.

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