Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Candy for Grumbling Tummy

Blogging is more fun at home now. I no longer blog alone because hubby is around every night. Since I have company, I stayed up quite late. As late as 3.30am! Normally by 12mn I will feel hungry and sometimes we will go out for supper.

At times I felt much time is waste when we go out for supper. Maybe I would buy some candy from bulk candy store and stock up to satisfied my grumbling tummy. I will get them from eSnacks.com because they has a comprehensive inventory of hard-to-find vintage candies. They have retro candies like Mud Pies and Bottle Caps, and rare offerings like Cadbury, Idaho Spud Bars and Moose Munch Bars. I am sure I can save money buying in bulk and save time too. Which means, I have more time to blog and make more money. :)

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