Monday, October 29, 2007

Paid Links Work

I stayed up late for 2 nights deleting paid post and removing links from those that I did not delete. I even receive email from one advertiser to remove the post about them. It is not only mine but other bloggers too receive the same emails. The post that I wrote for them is about cheap air fare. Too bad not many will know about this company when people search for them. Without links for us, I doubt the company can be in the Top 10 of Google Search.

I receive so many offer to write about What to Do in Kauai
and Kauai Travel Blog. I am sure if you do your search about Kauai vacation rentals, you will definitely find the website among the 10th. I read in SEO blogs that paid links really work and maybe this is the reason why Google is punishing bloggers that write paid post because they are no longer in control. What do you think?

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