Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm a spy

When I was in my teenage years, my favorite books are about investigations and mysteries. Nancy Drew and The Secret Seven books are my favorite. Reading them makes me want to solve any mystery. I even dream about starting my own group of investigators and trying to solve unsolved mystery. But then, none of it came to pass. And as I mature, those books were replaced by movies like James Bond and MacGuyver.

If ever I am to become a spy, I would be the coolest female spy ever. Better than Charlie Angels' Cameron Diaz or Lucy Liu. Of course, in the movie, the female spy agents are normally slim, sexy and beautiful. LOL... I'll be like them or even better. My looks and stare can cause any guys to fall for me. LOL. And I would have cool gadgets with me.

My lipstick case is also a mini computer so that I can blog whenever not in any mission.... hahaha. My hairbrush can be transformed as poisonous darts and a laser gun. Of course my earrings are equipped with mini cameras and listening devices. Best of all, my dress are highly technologically made and can make me invisible (something like Jessica Alba in The Fastastic Four). It is also bullet-proved. My glove would have the strength and power of Superman so that I can just knock out the bad guys with one slap on the face. And my spectacle is designed so that the Headquarter can transmit any data or information to my spectacle. I can read it as it appears on the glass.

And best of all, I would have my red Lamborghini car, fully equipped with all the latest devices and weapons. It can even fly or move on water...LOL...

Well, these are just my imagination. Some of these things are already invented but some are still on the making. But spy story always comes with creative and advanced technological gadgets not available to the public. If you are interested to watch spy stories, wait for this coming June 28. USA Network's Burn Notice tv series will feature Michael Weston as the CIA Operative who suddenly got terminated from service. See how he tried to find the answers and don't forget to check out the cool gadgets that he will be using. Maybe some of what I mentioned above will be used by him.

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