Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I don't know lar...should I classify them as stupid or ignorant. I am talking about one of the company's supplier. We ordered ABC bottles that is gold in colour and the cap is gold too. We received gold bottle with blue cap. Rejected it of course. When asked for explanation why they went wrong again (this is not the first time). They point their fingers back to us! Saying that in the PO it is stated "ABC Bottle (Blue)" So that's why they produced the blue coloured cap.

This is my reply to them:
Does that mean that if we have typo error, your production will follow blindly? Why then the bottle didn't come in blue?
We admit that we did not amend the colour part when we issue the PO to you. In the future, we will not indicate the colour for every product ordered. You should know by now what colour is for which bottle.
The reply from my customer, coz I carbon copy (cc) to him. I got no reply from the supplier:

Good idea. Meantime, I will email them another bottle colour guide. No reason they should get it wrong again.

As a supplier myself, I will always call the customer if they order is out of the norm. Just to confirm whether there is typo error or not. Human make mistakes.


Jesslyn said...

Hahaha...some supplier do follow PO blindly, they are not wrong sometimes!

Mama BoK said...

Some ppl just cannot be bothered i think..! just see .. but not really understanding..!