Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I finally applied for a job thru Jobstreet.com but I doubt that I will be short listed. Why? Well, I don't think my resume is attractive enough. I describe myself in one line only. Fast learner and able to work independently. That's basically ME. Furthermore, I am not really desperate in getting the job. :P

I myself interview and hire people. When I am presented with a very "canggih" resume. I know that they copy, paste from somewhere. It is not original. They will be my 2nd option. I look for resume that is original. Never write in bombastic English, nevermind at least it comes from the him/her. You write in bombastic English but when it comes to communicating. Everything upside down.

Most important, I look at their experiences and the reason they resign from their previous job.

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Jesslyn said...

No worry, no try lagi no chance mah!