Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Job offer

Just a day after I finally decided to really leave, I got a call from a friend offering me to take over her place in her current company that manufacture mosquito coils for export to the third world company.

What the company has to offer that I don't have in my current company?
1. Medical benefit. Got panel doctor and can claim up to RM30 per visit.
2. Workers Insurance on top of Socso.
3. Five and a half day week.

That's all.

Her current salary is just RM100 more than mine in which I will get the same this coming increment in July. She also told me that the company is not making money so do not expect any salary increment.

Job description...more work that my current.

The factory is 15 mins drive from my house. I can't go home for lunch and see my children. I can't fetch Belle back from kindy and more petrol is needed.

I'll skip this job offer unless they are willing to pay me min 3k. Not in a hurry to get a new job anyway.

Oh ya, my friend is going to National Semiconductor who's gonna pay her 3k ++ plus all other benefits. So I told her if there's vacancy there, please recommend me! hehe.


msaufong said...

still have to looking for others jobs meh? I tot you want to real retire 3 month later? hahah

mIcHe said...

if got good offer i will still work :D more secure mah...if not, full time blogging lor.