Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Haunted Photo Frames

Imagine going into an old mansion with lots of picture hanging on the wall. As you wear admiring a picture, suddenly the picture moves or changes to another. It will sure make you jump and run for the exit door right? I am 101% sure I will. Spooky.

Do you know that with advance technology we can have the same photo frame that changes its picture in our own home? No, there’s not “ghost” behind it. It is called Digital Photo Frame.

Since most of us is using digital camera and hardly print the photo to hard copy, this is a very convenient way to show of our photos to quests, friends and relatives. No need to bring out our laptop to show them our photos. Just insert our memory card to the Digital Photo Frame period of time on you want your pictures to display and how you prefer the transitions between digital pictures. and the photos will change by itself. Of course you have to set the

If you are interested, you can get the Digital Photo Frames from The photo frames comes in 7”, 8”, 9” & 10”. Oh ya! There one more feature, we can even view our short movie clips with sound! Isn’t that cool.

I wonder whether anyone that does not know about it will feel spooky seeing one in my home.

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