Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Leaving soon

This time I really made up my mind to resign from my present job. Can't take it anymore. It's difficult to work when your boss does not trust you anymore. After 8 years of loyalty. This is what I get. Partly it is also my fault but I have apologized. It seems that my apology is not accepted. One stupid mistake and the trust is broken. Btw, it is nothing to do with money. Anyway, I have given myself until end of this year to patch up things. Gain back their trust. Hubby's advised me to leave in a good way. Not in anger. Will try my very best do just that.


mama bok said...

We pay Ms Selfish about 3K a month.. and she is not even grateful about it..!!
I wished all our employees were like you ..!!!

mIcHe said...

wow! 3k as in canadian dollar??? that's a lot for a shop assistant. so ungrateful hor, she.