Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Most of us Asian, when we were a baby, we sleep in a sarong cradle. It gives comfort (very cooling) and security (feels like mommy holding us tight in her arm). Even though we are grown up now, with kids of our own, we are not taken away from this comfort. We have the hammock.

Like in the village with so many trees around gives me the luxury of having my own hammock. No problem if you do not have trees around, just get a hammock stand that is very portable. You can bring them everywhere you go. For those living in the city, you can get yourself a hammock chairs. They take up less space, only require the single point of support and they are more stable, and difficult to fall out of.

Do you know that hammocks come in different type of materials? They come in cotton or polyester. Which one to choose? Well, it depend whether you want comfort (cotton) or durability (durability).

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