Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Cash from Paypal Thru Singapore SA

I got my paypal money in my (hubby's) Singapore savings account without any hiccups. Here's how to go about it. Very simple one.

1. Fill your wallet/purse with SGD500.00 or more for food and shopping.

2. Drive or take a bus to Singapore.

3. Look for DBS Bank Ltd, open a Savings Account and request for the POSB atm card. Hubby told me that you need a valid reason to open an account there. As for my hubby, he joined USANA Singapore and became one of dealer for them in Malaysia.

4. Drive back to Malaysia.

5. Open a Singapore Paypal. How? Just put the country as Singapore, not Malaysia. Make sure the name you registered is the same as your savings account book. Let's say your name in your savings account is Tan Ah Beng. In Paypal, your first name is Tan and you last name is Ah Beng. Not the other way round.

6. Then Add in bank account. Enter your account number, bank branch number and bank code. For the branch number and bank code, pick up your phone and call the bank customer service. Their service is very good. Very fast response unlike Malaysia's. Tell them that you want to add your account to PayPal, ask them for the bank code and bank number.

7. Add the number in and you are done.

8. Try to withdraw a small amount to your newly added bank to see whether all the info given is correct. If your transfer less that SGD200, you will be charges SGD1. If more, no charges. If something wrong somewhere and the bank rejected your money, you will be charged SGD9 for it. So minimum trial withdrawal is SGD10.

If you follow exactly the above, I don't think you can go wrong. That's exactly what I did and I got my money in 5 working days.

However the rate that I got is lesser that the online bank using a debit card but one thing for sure. There's less risk compare to virtual bank. This is real bank with a real bank building. :P


msaufong said...

I want to ask about the #5 ahh...The first name should be Ah Being and last name should be Tan ler. I added my VMI card like tat too wor..h

mIcHe said...

for the english, last name is surname. first name is their given name.

if in your account book your name is written as Tan Ah Beng, then in your paypal account you name should read Tan Ah Beng too. Not Ah Beng Tan.

In order to do that, in Paypal, make sure you put your first name as Tan and your last name as Ah Beng. Then your name in Paypal will read Tan Ah Beng.

If the name sequence is not the same, you might have problem with your transaction. Read this from someone's blog.

Anonymous said...

hey this is good idea.. I must write a link in my blog.. and link here la.. if not I will forget oso.

mIcHe said...

yes, link me pls :D