Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Top Earners

Jess msn me telling me that my name is listed in the Top Earners in PPP. It can't be coz the 1oth Top Earner earns more than 5k. I barely reach 2k. She told me to login and check it out again. I did but didn't see my face there. She then told me to click the button "day" at bottom of the Top Earners list. Oh!!! That button can click. You see lar...I so blu case one! hehehe.

Hey...I saw my face there...the last one, earning $37.21. Well, that's not much. I think I earn more that before, a day. Quickly download the screenshot trial software and capture that part. It won't last long there for sure. Now I know that I am the 12,396 posties in PPP. :D

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