Monday, May 14, 2007

Find Fault

After the boss came back from his 3 days Trade Mission trip to Myanmar, he went thru the emails and find fault in me with every single email. Be it from the supplier or the customer. For example, lady boss gave me a quote of USD174 for a product. I emailed that to the customer. He read thru the email and intercom me, asking why it is US160 and not USD174 in a very angry tone! I was confused. I don't remember typing USD160. After he went thru the emails, he discovered that it was the email from 2006. The customer used the same subject to forward me the new email. He jumped at every other email before finding out the story behind it.

He even tells the Asst. Oper. Manager to check thru the emails from today onwards. It shows that I am not reliable anymore. Now, I must have this "I couldn't be bothered or I don't care" attitude. I just do my daily routine and times up, I go home. Whatever he asked me to do; I do just that, nothing more, nothing less.

Told hubby about it. He gave me the green light to resign if the boss still goes on finding fault in everything that I do. I will persevere until end of this month only. Then I'll give one month notice. If possible, 3 days!

I doubt he can find someone as chincai as me.

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mama bok said...

Hey.. Miche,
Sad that you should be treated like that...! We on the other hand treat our staff so well.. and really cincai.. yet.. you see what shit we get from those ex-goblins..!
Ppl here just do not know how to appreciate anything at all... *sigh*.!