Thursday, May 10, 2007

Boss Oversea

When the boss is not around, the air in the office is so much fresher. Working is fun. We perform better without him around and work can be done faster too. Most of the time when I am busy with customer's enquiry, orders, need to arrange for delivery or order materials, he will call me in his office and ask me to do his personal thing like applying for a piece of land that is obviously not his (long story) or search for something on the web in which it can wait right. Later the day, he asked me about it, I have not done it. He will get angry saying that I am very forgetful! (he did not tell me that, his wife, the lady boss told me).

Hey! If you don't want sales, I can drop everything I am doing and do your stuff. But don't blame me if the goods are not delivered on time or materials did not come in on time and the customer start chasing him! Obviously, he will right? Boss is always right lar...

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