Thursday, May 10, 2007

He won

He won 2 tickets to the movie The Pirates of the Caribbean 3 by just writing a short post about it for Nuffnang. And he gave the tickets to Jason & Leishia coz we are in Malacca. Not gonna spend RM100 just to drive up to KL to watch the movie that only cost RM8 each. I can watch the movie 10 times in Malacca! :P Neway, he is still hoping to win the 3D2N trip to Singapore for two. How is he going to win that, he has no idea about it. I wanna go Singapore and meet the PeaGirls!


msaufong said...

aiyah..seem like stupid Jason get all the ticket liao ahh...I'm one of the victim..:(htt

miche said...

not Jason Mumbles Indian friend Jason K :P

you also won the ticket?