Monday, April 09, 2007


Conversation with Hubby

Me: Dear, your new worker got girlfriend or not?

He: I don’t think so.

He: You know dear, I can actually be a matchmaker.

Me: Huh?

He: A lot of my customers are single. Boys and Girls. I could be the matchmaker and charge them some fee.

Me: Haiya…don’t eat their money dear. They are not that rich. Introduce them to JustSayHi. I heard a lot about this new dating site. Not a single cent required to register and no credit card needed.

He: Hmm…Good idea! Then they will always come to my cyber café to use the Internet. Good for my business too. :D

Disclaimer: I did not make up the above conversation to write for this post. It really took place. FYI, JustSayHi is new and 100% free. Really. Go check it out yourself. :D

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Angela said...

Interesting conversation. I am a paid member on I don't know these is a totally free dating site. Maybe justsayhi is a new one?