Monday, April 09, 2007

Malaysian Sponsored Post

Whenever I write sponsored post, some of the things I wanted to buy but they don't ship to Malaysia. Very frustrated you know. I was hoping that soon some Malaysian will start the same here. And it is here now. :D

If you are Malaysian and actively writing sponsored post, come on, join me and sign up with Advertlets. For a start, the first 300 bloggers that write review on them, stand a chance to add RM50 to their pocket money.

Ok, this is the unique thing about them. Besides getting paid for writing sponsored post, we, the bloggers are allowed to make our own custom polls. From there, we will be able to know who are our readers, demographically too. And, and, and for this RM50, you can write your review in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Chinese. Hmmm...tempted to write in BM here. It has been ages since I last write in BM. Can mix ah? I write in my Baba-Nyonya language lar... :)

Apasal gua signed up dengan Advertlets
Sebagai rakyat Malaysia kan, kita orang mesti lar support our local advertising company. Sampeh bila kita boleh harapkan orang putih punya advertising company. Mana tau, sueh, sueh satu hari dia orang cakap, only for US & UK bloggers. Melopong lar kita orang kan?

Apa yang gua suka tentang Advertlets.
Josh very handsome lar! hehehehe...

Apa yang gua harap untuk dapat dari Advertlets

Kalu gua tak cakap "Money" Penipu beseh gua ni. :P Satu lagi perkara. Gua harap melalui Adverlets, gua boleh increase gua punya blog traffic.

Gua tak ada komen tentang Advertlets. Just that I am wondering, how will the assignment be given out? Like PPP style, first come first serve or offers will be assigned to us via email like the rest?

Update: Josh told me thru the email that offers are assigned to bloggers not like PPP style. I think this way is very fair to the advertisers and bloggers a like.

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