Tuesday, April 10, 2007


The computer that I bought for TM Clickers finally arrived last Saturday. This is my 2nd computer since the 1st, a 486 that I bought for RM1k from my uncle when I was in university.

The computer that I got thru this TM Clickers, Free PC with Streamyx promotion is from HP. We realized that the RAM is only 256, so we planned to add or upgrade the RAM once we got the pc. Then the bomb dropped on us. HP gave us 1-year warranty period. If the label attached to the RAM slot is tampered, the warranty is void. Meaning, we can’t add or change the RAM. Sucker! Due to this the start-up is VERY slow. I finished sweeping my dining hall, then only I can access the internet. At least got 7 mins. So tempted to void the warranty.

I was given the Window XP Starter Edition. Only 3 programs are allowed at one time. Not convenient for me coz I always use more than 3 programs at one time.

Due to the above, hubby decided not to bring the computer to his cyber café. So I get to keep it. :D

Update: Hubby cannot stand the slowest...warranty void! Gonna add another 512 RAM. Another hundred plus ringgit needed for it.

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