Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Want More Breast Milk

For my first 3 babies, I was not able to produce enough breast milk for them. Partly because I did not get much encouragement from my mom (she kept telling me to mix with formula milk) and by the time I go to work they went on formula milk.

When I give birth to my 4th baby, I was determined to fully breastfeed him till 24mo. However, I was not producing enough breast milk for him. Not wanting to get him on formula milk, I went online to search on how to increase breast milk production. There I found out about Fenugreek and I also discovered that some mommies I know is taking the Fenugreek in capsule form. So, I bought half a kilo of Fenugreek and send them to the mill to be grounded. Way cheaper than buying the capsules. Fenugreek helps increased my breast milk production.

When I am pregnant with my 5th child, my 4th child is only 1yo. Since I wanted to breast feed my 4th child till 2yo. I keep on telling myself that I can produce enough breast milk for 2. I am very determine. It is all in the mind. If you think you can, you surely can. Even the lactation consultant mentioned the same; it is all in the mind.

True enough, I am breastfeeding both my newborn and toddler now. I have more than enough for my newborn and her brother gets to latch more than just twice a day. He is hardly on formula milk now. I did not take any Fenugreek. I just let them latch as often as possible and drink lots of liquid.

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