Friday, November 06, 2009

Cleaning Services

The tenants for my apartment have left. We hope to get new tenants as soon as possible. Since it is already November, we have to fork out our own money to pay for the home loan this month and prayerfully, we will get tenants by end of this month and starting December my home loan will be paid by my tenants. :)

This time, we have no time to clean the apartment by ourselves like what we did before each time our tenants left the apartments. Hubby is stuck in his shop the whole day and the only day off is Sunday, the day he wants to rest.

Thank God he managed to find an affordable cleaning service company. They are charging RM10 an hour/person, RM10 for washing liquid and RM10 for transport. They are giving us 2 foreign workers to do the cleaning; a Myanmar and a Sri Lankan. Looking at the condition of our apartment, they would be able to clean it up within 2 hours so we would be spending RM60. That's worth to pay for a Sunday's rest.

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