Friday, November 06, 2009

Driving Kancil Again

For almost a week I have been driving my youngest sister's Kancil. It is small and so light. My children doesn't fight for the air-cond too coz everyone gets the air-cond due to the size of the car. I used to own a Kancil. That was my first car after I started working. Unfortunately, we decided to sell the car right after I gave birth to my first child to lighten some financial burden. The loan installment every month for the Kancil is enough to buy a bluray! That is the reason I ended up driving an old junk and now the old junk decided to stop servicing me after more than 6 years faithfully serving me with very low maintenance cost for an old car. Now I am so tempted to buy a Kancil! Can one good one for 5k or not?

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