Thursday, April 09, 2009

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

We still have not here any news from the tenant that left us with more than 1k of utility bills, stole our bed frames, stole our curtain, repainted one of the rooms and spoiled the gas stove. He is supposed to pay at least half of the utility bill by beginning of this month. If he did not do so, hubby threaten to make a police report against him even though we know nothing much can the police do unless we sue him in court. Anyway, I just buzz hubby to ask his ex-tenant about the payment. Hoping to get some positive answer from him even though the possibility is almost nil.

At the same time, praise God that we have a few students calling hubby inquiring about the apartment. You see, the new semester starts this June so students have started looking for apartment to rent. We hope that they will start shifting in in May so that we will only “loose” one month rental that is for the month of April.

Tomorrow there will some Malay girls wanting to see the apartment. We kind of reluctant to rent to Malays because we have bad experience with this race before. It is very difficult to collect rental from them. They will keep on dragging week after week. I wonder how the Collection Agency handle this type of people.

Anyway, we will still entertain them and decide later.