Thursday, April 09, 2009

Cheapest and Friendliest Web Hosting Company

This is my first blog until I met my university junior who introduced me to Wordpress and got me a sub-domain for free from one of her online Singaporean friends. He also provides hosting services. When I have enough money, I bought my own domain and get him to host for me. He did everything for me. All I need to do is blog away.

He has been hosting all my blogs for 2 years and when he dropped the bomb recently that he does not want to provide hosting services anymore when I sent him the payment for another year of hosting. I was so disappointed and felt lost. How do I go about with other web hosting company? Will they be as helpful as him?

So I went to do some homework and read some reviews on other web hosting company at web hosting choice. But I still want him!!! I have become so comfortable with him and his price is cheaper than others too.

He told me to wait another week to decide. 2 weeks passed by and my blogs are still up. I shoot him an email. Halleluyah! He decided to still host my blog. What a relief!

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