Thursday, March 12, 2009

USD30 Gone Just Because of System Hang

How many times a day can a System Hang?

I figured that this time it must be due to my phone line because it is buzzing. So I waited for a few days; 3 days precisely. Sometimes the buzz goes of by itself. The weird thing is, each time the Telekom fellow come, the buzzing sound stops and they couldn't find anything wrong with my phone line.

The buzzing is still around but I got assignments to complete. I called Streamyx again and they told me System Hang. After resetting whatever; I got back my connection. For how long, I have no idea.

So now I am rushing to complete my assignments and I just saw there are some opps being released while I was forced to be offline, in my feed reader. I can easily get USD30 from there, just enough to pay for my domain hosting which expires end of this month.

Hate Streamyx!!!

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