Sunday, March 08, 2009

Reason for No Internet Connection Given by Streamyx

ADSL Light is stable. No problem with the splitter. Still I can't connect to the internet. Called Streamyx, they told me to do all the necessary checking. I told them that it happened before and don't need to waste time but to just reset my account. After he did that, I got my connection back. He said that there was a "System Hang". The caused for "System Hang" is because I switched off the modem before shutting down the computer. Ok then, noted.

2 days later, the same happened. Called Streamyx and told them to reset it again. Reason given "System Hang." This time I am positively sure that I shut down my computers half an hour before I switched off the modem. Lazy to argue, I did not tell them that.

The next day, computers running and modem is switched on too. I took a nap, 2 hours later, no more connection. Called Streamyx. "System Hang" is the reason given but this time I told them that I did not switch off anything. They can't give me any answer to the "System Hang".

So I made up my mind that I will never switch off my modem again. I really wish that Streamyx has another competitor. If that, I might just pack my thing, hire a Moving Company and move to UK!