Saturday, March 14, 2009

System Hang Due to Rusted Telephone Point

Friday morning, I called Streamyx again. This time they did not ask me to do any trouble shooting, they straight away told me that my System Hang and they did the resetting. My internet connection is being restored.

So I figured that it must be due to the buzzing sound/noises of my telephone line not because of my computers because I did not shut down or switch off the modem the whole night.

So I called Telekom, made my report and their contractor came that afternoon to do the troubleshooting. They are very FAST!. They started checking my splitter and my telephone line; all seems alright. Then they went to the telephone pole and discovered that the point is rusted. If I am not mistaken, they told me that they put some grease on it and the buzzing sound might come back when it is windy. Can't they just change the point to a new one? Or something that can't get rusted?

Anyway, the phone line stopped buzzing and I am getting my internet connection without interruption. But the internet line is still slow. I subscribed to 1MB you know. That Telekom can't help, that is due to Slowmyx (Streamyx).

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