Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson at only RM155 from CutiCuti

For RM155 we got a 2 bedrooms apartment at Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson but I'd rather pay the same amount to get just a Studio Room at Bayu Beach Resort or Tiara Beach Resort which comes with breakfast.

For RM155, we don't get any breakfast.

For RM155, we got 1 Queen Size Bed and 1 Single Bed. The Single Bed room comes with ceiling fan only; no air-cond.

The RM155 is for 3 Adult occupancy but we were given only 2 bath towels! You have to request for another towel, then only they will give!

For RM155, the bathroom floor towel will only be given upon request!

For RM155, we got stained coffee cups in the room. The stain goes off when I washed it. Obviously it was not cleaned properly or maybe it was just being rinsed only!

For RM155, you can only get 2 towels at the Swimming Pool. I asked for another one, the receptionist told me 2 bedrooms apartment can only get 2 towels even though the 2 bedrooms apartment is for 3 adults. That is their stupid policy!

For RM155, we have to share the swimming pool with the public.

For RM155, we got a very dirty beach. The sea water is black in colour! Our Klebang Beach, Melaka sea water is cleaner than theirs!

For RM155, we got a double standard lifeguard. Malays and young pretty girls are allowed to swim in the adult pool in their normal clothes (no swimsuit) but not a preggy and ugly mommy with a swim pant but not the top. I am not going to spend hundred of RM for just an hour in the swimming pool.

For RM155, there is absolutely no entertainment for the children at night. Say only got Video Arcade. What we found was a rusted, abandon container with the name of Video Arcade printed on the body.

The only thing that I am happy about is I was given a room near the lift, the swimming pool and the car park because I told the receptionist to have mercy on this preggy mommy. :P

Will I ever return? The answer is a big fat NO. Give me free stay also I won't go.

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