Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Boh Kam Guan

Hmmm...if I chance a few alphabets it will become hubby's Chinese name! LOL

Boh Kam Guan means not satisfied. I hope my spelling is correct. :P

I am not satisfied with the recent stay in Glory Beach Resort, PD.

I kept lamenting in my mind...

I wish I booked one day earlier with MariMari then I would have fun at Tiara Beach Resort, PD. They need at least 3 full working days to process your booking! So mah fun.

I wish hubby would be willing to sacrifice his rest for the sake of his wife and children. If only he is willing to drive to Genting Highland. I even offered to drive for one hour each way but he stills want to go some where nearer.

Arrgggg!!! I want to go to Genting Highland before I pop!!! I want to see my children really have fun playing and swimming the whole day! I want a dip in the hot water pool in Genting!

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