Thursday, February 12, 2009

The DVD Player

Before the CNY, some DVD that is played our Orbit DVD player (bought from Tesco for less than RM100) will display black & white picture. So we thought that the DVD is going bonkers soon.

After the CNY, all DVDs that are played on the DVD player displayed black & white picture. Time to get a new DVD player then. Besides the colour, it has problem opening and closing.

DVD player is a must if not no movies for us to watch and no cartoon for the children because we do not have satellite TV and hubby has no time to bring me to the cinema. So off we went to buy the cheapest DVD player available. We bought a Pensonic at RM109. Can't afford to buy a branded and expensive DVD player, if not the Collection Agency will surely come after us!

Happy with our new purchase, we tried it with the movie Bolt. It is no longer black & white but black, white & green only!

So...the problem is not with our DVD player but with the TV! Only the AV part; other channels, no problem. Looks like we spent money on the wrong item! =(

Now, instead of sending the TV for repair, I am hoping that the 29” TV that my sister promised to give me will return from the repair shop soon.

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