Friday, February 13, 2009

Bare Walls

I always envy those who have nice painting, puzzle, cross-stitch or any artwork hanging on their walls.

When I was still single and living with my parents, I made 2 cross-stitches, framed them and hang on the wall. I have a few puzzles but at that time, I can only afford to buy and fix them but no money to frame them.

Now, I can afford to frame my artwork but my husband likes his wall to be bare. If possible, he wants to take down our wedding photo and keep it some art storage company.

He said that all this things collect dust. But then arh...he hangs his unique weapon on our bedroom wall! Not fair right. They are collecting dust too. =P

Anyway, due to my allergy to dust, it is a good idea not to hang so many stuff on the walls. Even though we have a maid, she hardly does dusting even though I told her to many times already! I think it is because dusting was not in the working schedule I gave her.

When the new maid comes by end of this year, I am going to be very detail in the working schedule.