Monday, January 12, 2009

PBB Debit Card Refunded My Money

A month ago I discovered that PBB Debit Card debited more than RM200 from my account. So I called up the Customer Service and was told that they will refund my money and it will be reflected in my December statement.

When I received my December statement on the 6th of January 2009, I was furious to see that my money was not there. I immediately called up the Customer Service and she had no idea why action was not taken to refund my money. She promised me that she will do that immediately for me and I should see my money in a week time.

Today, I went to check my balance and my money has been refunded.

Oh ya, if you called their Customer Service, please ask for his/her name. I did not during my first call so, I can't go fire her! They have a record that I called in December but they do not know which CS Officer spoke to me. Can you believe that?

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