Saturday, January 10, 2009

Impatient Blogger

I have been helping some bloggers to get links from an advertiser from time to time when I came across any that is looking for blogs for their clients' website. I will only recommend the advertiser to other only after I am sure that they are good pay master.

Due to the recent year end holiday where there was Christmas, Clearing of Annual Leave and New Year, payment was delayed. But once after the New Year's holiday is over, the bloggers got paid. Unfortunately, there was one blogger who got really impatient, even after my explanation, removed the links from his blog just a day after he emailed me that he will do so if he did not received his payment.

The day after he removed the links, the advertiser was checking for the links before releasing payment and the advertiser can't find his. So payment was not made to him. However, I did tell him to put back the links if he is interested which he did but he became impatient again, expecting the advertiser to pay him the next day and threaten to remove the links if payment was not made to him soonest.

I was in a good mood that day and explained to him the possible reasons to the delay. My email to him:

Well, it is up to you if you are so impatient. Due to the time
difference, the advertiser only received my email last night. They
need time to verify all the links (and yours is not the only one) and
then instruct their Account Manager to release payment.

FYI, further delay was due to you removing the links on the day the
advertiser was checking it. Other bloggers in the same list as yours
has already been paid.

If you can wait for 1 month for other networks to pay you, why not this one?

PPP, Socialspark, Linkworth, Blogsvertise etc only made payment a month after their links are put up.

You see, this advertiser is not only buying links (SEO) but designing websites and maybe manhattan it consulting too. So I am sure he is very busy after the long holidays. I was in the corporate world before, I know.

Unfortunately he didn't want to accept my explanation. And I got so fed up with him and tell him to go ahead, remove the links and I'll inform the advertiser about him.

He is not worth my time and he will definitely not hear from me again.

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babyfiona said...

just forget about him . This kind of people are not worth being help. LOL