Wednesday, December 03, 2008

About Public Bank Debit Card PR Advantage Reward

Whenever we see the word "Reward", it is something that is given to us right? But if you hold the Public Bank Debit Card, be surprised! The PR Advantage Reward will be debited from your account instead of credited!

I clearly remembered that I still have around RM400 plus in my Debit card but when I received this month statement, my balance is only around RM200 plus! Then only I noticed that the PR Advantage Reward of RM200 plus is being debited. Curi my money pulak!!!

So I immediately call the customer service and was told that they will credit back the amount debited at the end of December! I should demand them to credit it immediately eh? It is my money! What if I have emergency and need the cash badly??? Haiya...why was I being nice just now! =P

The error was because the system can't read Paypal transaction as the normal retail purchases. I also forgotten to ask whether I will still be entitled to receive the PR Advantage Reward.

Bulan ni dah lah tak cukup duit, kena "rompak" pulak! =(

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