Tuesday, January 06, 2009

When oh When can I continue my studies?

In the beginning, I wanted to study all the way but family commitment stopped be at Bachelor Degree. After I got married I told hubby that I wanted to continue my Master degree but we invested in a get rich quick scheme which took away all our savings! After I gave birth to my first child I told hubby that I want to study a 2nd Degree instead of continue my Master. Then 2nd baby and 3rd baby came within that 3 years. My 3rd child was a son; I have 2 girls and a boy. I told hubby, that's it, we shall stop here and I really want to take up TESL through an online university. God knows hubby's desire to have more children and now I am pregnant with No.4. When oh When can I continue my studies?

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Anonymous said...

It will be a very wise and good investment that will go a long way when you decide to complete your studies. It will seem tough with the young ones around but your spouse would/should be supportif especially when it means so much to you and you aggreeing to have the little ones into the world. It will be a juggle and your spouse will definitely have to help out. Good luck!!