Saturday, December 06, 2008

Rental Collected

Finally, after a month of waiting we finally collected our first rental from our tenant. We have to personally collect the rental because the tenant informed hubby that he can't bank in into hubby's bank account. When we were there, we found out that he tried to bank in the rental to CIMB! Of course cannot because hubby's bank is in MBB. Duh! Should engage the Collection Agency eh. Save the headaches and our precious time.

Before we went there, hubby was telling me to be prepared to hear complaints from them but thank God there isn't any except wondering why their electricity bills is so high. In half a month, their bill is RM129. I told them it is due to the air-conditioner but they said they only switch them on at night. I even told them that no one stays in the apartment a month before them but they do not want to believe us and ask for the previous months bill.

If they do their math then they will know. One hour of air-cond is about RM1 x 8 hours every night x 3 rooms = RM24 per day. Multiply that by 15 days; that will be equivalent to RM360! And their bill is only RM129.

So we told them to wait till next month bill and see the difference.